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The physiology of being versus the stuff we tell ourselves

Given humanity is facing a range of problems, the quantity of which we have not experienced in history, it would be worthwhile to start an objective discussion about the situation, rather than leave it up to emotion and conflict to decide our future.

What is the nature of human experience?

We are mobile, intentional organisms, with a sequential process of perception, analysis and decision making, in order to navigate our situation.

While it might seem we perceive the world around us in a fairly straightforward fashion, the mechanics are somewhat…

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A poem about time

Flashes of perception, past to future.

Yet change turns future to past.

Tomorrow becomes yesterday, because the earth turns.

The past is consumed by the present.

Cause becomes effect.

Time is frequency, events are amplitude.

Energy goes past to future, as patterns go future to past.

Energy drives the wave, while the fluctuations rise and fall.

Galaxies are energy radiating out, toward infinity, as form coalesces in, toward equilibrium. Both entropic.

Consciousness goes past to future, while thoughts go future to past.

Lives go birth to death, while life moves onto the next, shedding the old.

We are the energy. Always pushing, never quite there.

Transcendence seeking order. To transcend.

Desire and judgement.

The heart and the head.

Here is an outside the box idea;

As these mobile organisms, we have this sequential process of perception, in order to navigate. Then developed narrative based cultures. So we experience time as the point of the present, moving past to future.

Physics models it as measures of duration.

The reality is that change turns future to past. Tomorrow becomes yesterday, because the earth turns. Duration is the present, as the events form and dissolve.

There is no literal dimension of time, because the past is consumed by the present, to inform and drive it. Causality and conservation of energy. …

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Analyzing the Holy Vestments of Late Stage Capitalism

As one of those sentient vortices, swirling around in the thin biological film encircling this planet, I find the habits and conventions of my particular species to be remarkably under developed, given the amount of effort seemingly being put into studying the situation.

We keep trying to develop static models of a dynamic process, because that’s how our minds function, not how the larger reality works. Everything is atomized, quantized, digitized, monetized, compartmentalized, stratified, classified, sterilized, packaged, etc. Is that how reality really works? Or is it a consequence of being mobile…

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Society and Subjectivity

There seems to be this historical notion that in order for society to function and people to get along, that we need a fairly monolithic belief system, yet perspective is subjective. When you look at something close up, versus from far away, the effects are two very different frames. Everyone has their point of view and personal history. Which is the basis of human civilization, our ability to collect, combine and try to make sense of all this knowledge, within that presumably singular framework.

The reality is that there no ultimately objective point of view, no omniscient…

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Taking the Long View

Donald Trump is a professional narcissist. For those old enough to remember, he was the Kardashian of the eighties. Basically a brand looking for products to sell. He realized there are significantly under represented sectors of the American electorate and stamped his brand rather effectively on a large part of one of them.

During the 2016 primaries, the media had great fun focusing the majority of their attention on him, as a way to ridicule the Republican field in general. Not that it was hard to do. Another Bush!!!!

Yet for an America raised on corruption and comedy, media and…

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We Can All Go Back to Kansas Now

People have the memory of a gnat. We don’t have to cancel history, because 99 percent of it is already forgotten. How much do you remember yesterday? Last week? Last month? How different is your point of view, relative to those around you? Multiply that by billions.

That’s the nature of time. We have this grandiose sense of it as the present marching firmly from past to future, but the reality is that change turns future to past. Tomorrow becomes yesterday, because the earth turns. There is no dimension of time, because the past is consumed by the present. …

Suppose you have the light of infinite sources, redshifted into the infrared........

" Then again, I would say that all properties are manifestations of concepts, and the manifestations are themselves within that very conceptual framework in which they appear,"

Radiation expands toward infinity, while form coalesces toward equilibrium. Both entropic.

It’s not politics, it’s not morality, it’s physics

The degree to which social frustrations have reached a point of ignition, creating a social and ultimately cultural conflagration across this country and around the world is truly breathtaking. While we all can sense some of the elements causing it, it does seem there are other factors pouring fuel on the fire. A color revolution coming home to America.

What might be driving this and why?

Trying to peel away the layers, people, ideologies, passions, etc. …

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The world has certainly been turned upside down by the Covid 19 pandemic, while many of our institutions are showing their age and limitations. The Generals are still spending significant amounts of public wealth on a war that was won thirty years ago and any others that can be arranged. Our political system is offering us a choice between a deranged clown and a demented puppet, both with significant communication issues and questionable character. Even the Masters of the Universe are finding their levers of power seriously unsettled by the situation.

What lessons do…

John Brodix Merryman Jr.

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