Thanks for the response. Medium sometimes has a paucity of feedback. Writing is meaningless without the process of developing content and that’s the function of communication.

While I agree both god and money are starting to outlive their usefulness, there are too many valuable lessons to be learned from examining them to ignore.

I tend more toward the yin and yang, as opposed to God Almighty, but then I grew up on a farm, where nature, rather than culture, was front and center.

In a physical sense, the absolute is equilibrium. The flatline between the ups and downs. The absolute zero of the unmoving void. It really is implicit in Special Relativity, as the frame with the longest ruler and fastest clock is closest to the equilibrium of the vacuum, through which light travels at C. As opposed to a frame moving at the speed of light, relative to this equilibrium, where there is nothing that can be measured, so the clock and the ruler are at zero.

In contrast to this equilibrium is infinity. Unbounded space. What fills space is the energy and the forms it manifests. Which goes back to the point about time, as the energy moves to the future, while the forms fade into the past.

Also energy radiates toward infinity, while the forms coalesce toward equilibrium. Both entropic.

So a god as absolute would be that equilibrium at the center of everything. Yet it exists in the context of the infinite. Consider that the primary feature of the universe are galaxies, where the light is radiating away, as matter falls into the center.

Now as society, we have this dichotomy of the individual and the community. Nodes and the network. Organisms and the ecosystem.

The tension between liberal and conservative is between the organic, social energies driving the society, versus the civil and cultural forms it evolves. Yes, our current American culture is a pretty shallow, one size fits all consumer culture, where every want and desire is promoted to sell something, but that’s another issue….

The reality is this dichotomy will exist in any society, between those seeking to question and transcend the culture, versus those seeking to strengthen it.

The fact is that we do have to pick and chose, or nature does it for us, so there has to be some form and organization. Just as individuals often have conflicting desires and must chose which to follow. The anarchy of desire, versus the tyranny of judgement. The head and the heart. Equilibrium and infinity.

As for money, it is a medium. When we come to understand that, we would respect it a bit more and desire it a bit less. We need to realize that mediums, what makes the networks flow, can be a broad variety of systems, organic, civil, cultural, communal, regional, etc.

The fact is the current system is crashing and the vultures circling it are planning on a feast, so it will leave a large space for serious change.




Having an affair with life. It's complicated.

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John Brodix Merryman Jr.

John Brodix Merryman Jr.

Having an affair with life. It's complicated.

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