That's when I take a step back and study the processes at work. If we were to consider society to be an organism, is it healthy, or sick? Are there parts of it that appear to be more healthy than others, but might actually be parastic, or cancerous and actually be part of the problem?

Even problems far larger than any individual are still problems that can be subject to analysis.

I've prety much run down the list of things I see as wrong, but given it is increasingly evident that the future this system has been borrowing against has arrived, there is a need for some fairly deep examination of what is going on.

Personally a lot of the people I know are fairly authentic, but not entirely politically correct, so they tend to just keep busy doing their jobs. Which is not to say they are racist/sexist/unwoke/whatever, but have been around the block enough to know to just keep their cards close. Being out in the country has its advantages.

Too many hustlers circling their prey.

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