While I think I sense what you are trying to say, I do think there are various polarities and dichotomies which might build a more effective description. Two sides of the coin, yin/yang, etc.

The central issue with how we misinterpret reality has to do with the nature of time. As mobile, story telling organisms, our culture and civilization is largely built around the past to future narrative flow. Even physics codifies it as measures of duration. The fact is that activity turns future to past. Tomorrow becomes yesterday, because the earth turns. Potential, actual, residual. Time is an effect of activity, like temperature, pressure, color, frequency, oh, wait, frequency is time…

There is no dimension of time, because the present consumes the past, in order to be informed by it, aka, causality and conservation of energy. As Emerson put it; “We are but thickened light.”

Reality is this dichotomy between energy and the forms it manifests. Even galaxies are energy radiating out, as mass gravitates in. As organisms, we evolved the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems to process the energy driving us on, along with the central nervous system to process the information/forms of our environment, in order to navigate it. Basically motor and steering functions.

As this energy is only present and thus “conserved,” the dynamic drives it from one configuration to the next, ie, past to future. While these forms coalesce and dissolve, future to past. Time is this relationship.

Consider a factory; The product goes start to finish, while the process goes the other direction, consuming material and expelling product. As individual organisms go birth to death, being in the future, to being in the past. While life goes onto future generations, shedding old. As consciousness goes from one thought to the next, as these mental forms come and go.

There is no energy without it expressing form and information. As there is no form, if it isn’t being physically expressed. What emerges from this dynamic of entities rising and falling, as the energy flows through, are feedback loops, as the process adapts to the experiences of the particulars.

This relationship extends to society and politics as well, between youthful energy bubbling up, against the structures and forms age settles into. Liberalism is about this organic energy, while conservatism is about the cultural and civil forms that society settles into.

The problem with the Western spiritual paradigm of monotheism is that a spiritual absolute would be that essence of sentience, bubbling up through life, rather than some ideal of knowledge and judgement, from which life has fallen. The light shining through, rather than the forms illuminated.

Organized religion is more about social mores and forms, than insight, so this father figure lawgiver and his Ten Commandments, along with the Divine Right of Kings, is what naturally emerged.

So when you consider this dynamic, reality is whole, as process, rather than entity.

Given humanity is currently bumping up against the edge of the petri dish, that is Earth, it might be reason to adopt a more cyclical, reciprocal paradigm, than our current linear, ideals seeking culture. Possibly life is developing humanity as a planetary nervous system, aka Gaia hypothesis, but it requires we give, as well as take.

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