God’s Problems

John Brodix Merryman Jr.
3 min readOct 20, 2023

The Jewish Guardian Angel the West wrapped around, like a storm gathering around the eye, is growing tired of its burden.

Democracy and republicanism originated in pantheistic cultures. The family and cycle of life as godhead. To the Ancients, monotheism equated with monoculture. One people, one rule, one god.

The formative experience for Judaism was the forty years isolated in the desert, giving the Ten Commandments to the Old Testamant. Basically rules for a functional society. Obey God, or whoever is the Big Guy, don’t screw around with your neighbor’s wife, or take his stuff, etc. Not quite yet trial by jury of one’s peers, freedom of speech, etc, but a start.

Greek religion originated out of fertility rites. The young god born in the spring, of the old sky god and the earth mother.

Though by the time of the Olympians, Zeus didn’t give way to Dionysus. Tradition prevailed over renewal. Much as older generations are loathe to give way to younger ones and younger ones resent it.

The anarchies of desire, versus the tyrannies of judgement.

Given this tension also represented serious economic and social polarization, it provided fertile ground for Christianity to take root. The story of royal blood crucified for questioning the establishment and risen in the spring.