Government, as the executive and regulatory function is analogous to the central nervous system. While it is necessary to govern an organized and reasonably healthy social organism, what if the problem goes deeper than making decisions?

Money and banking, as the value circulation mechanism of society, is analogous to blood and the circulation system. Throughout history this service has often been used to drain value out of the community, rather than distibute it for the greater benefit of the entire organism. Which is like the heart telling the hands and feet they don't need so much blood and should work harder for what they do get.

The Ancients devised debt jubilees as a way to reset this process.

One of the main features of colonialism is to bring the monetary systems of the colonized societies under the control of the colonizer, often to where the coin of the realm is largely that of the reigning country, as a way to extract value out of the flow of wealth within the subservient society.

Until that is addressed, government is often little more than a puppet show, to sustain the illusion of broader political power.

Ask yourself if the capital markets could function today, without the government being the debtor of last resort and siphoning up trillions in surplus investment money every year?

The secret sauce of capitalism is public debt backing private wealth.

Now ask yourself, is this ever discussed and debated? Do you see the real depth of the problem?