Here is an outside the box idea;

As these mobile organisms, we have this sequential process of perception, in order to navigate. Then developed narrative based cultures. So we experience time as the point of the present, moving past to future.

Physics models it as measures of duration.

The reality is that change turns future to past. Tomorrow becomes yesterday, because the earth turns. Duration is the present, as the events form and dissolve.

There is no literal dimension of time, because the past is consumed by the present, to inform and drive it. Causality and conservation of energy. Cause becomes effect.

So time is an effect of activity, like temperature, pressure, color, sound. Time is frequency, events are amplitude.

Energy is conserved, because it is the present, not some dimensionless point between past and future.

As process, energy goes past to future, while the patterns generated go future to past.

Energy drives the wave, while the fluctuations rise and fall. One to the future, the other to the past.

Consider all the problems modern physics has, trying to break reality down to all its component parts.....

Consciousness goes past to future, while perceptions, emotions, thoughts, go future to past.

Though it is our heart and gut processing and circulating the energy, while the central nervous system sorts and orders the information.

Lives go birth to death, while life moves onto the next generation, shedding the old.

Galaxies are energy radiating out, toward infinity, while forms coalesce in, toward equilibrium. Both entropic.

If you want to be invisible, try living that.

People are linear and goal oriented, while nature is cyclical, reciprocal and feedback generated.




Having an affair with life. It's complicated.

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John Brodix Merryman Jr.

John Brodix Merryman Jr.

Having an affair with life. It's complicated.

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