If I may toss a few seeds in the mix, I think a take-down of time, God and money are necessary, if we are to grow beyond the current impasse. We've going forth and multiplying for many thousands of years and are reaching the edge of the petri dish, so it is time to clear accummulated clutter out of the collective attic.

As these mobile orgnisms, we evolved a sequential process of perception, in order to navigate, as well as a narrative based culture to share these experiences. Consequently we experience time as the point of the present moving past to future. Even physics codifies it as measures of duration.

The reality is that change turns future to past. Tomorrow becomes yesterday, because the earth turns. Duration is the present, as the events come and go.

There is no literal dimension of time, because the past is consumed by the present, to inform and drive it. Causality and conservation of energy. Cause becomes effect.

Energy is "conserved," because it is present. It creates time, as well as temperature, pressure, color, sound. Frequencies and amplitudes.

So the energy, as process, goes past to future, while the patterns generated go future to past.

Consider the energy drives the wave, while the fluctuations rise and fall. (The bell curve is a wave.)

Products go start to finish, future to past, while the production line goes the other way, consuming material and expelling product.

Lives go birth to death, while life moves onto the next generation, shedding the old.

Consciousness goes past to future, while the perceptions, emotions and thoughts go future to past.

Then there are such issues as determinism, since if only the present is real, than the process of determination can only occur as the present.

Potential, actual, residual.

It also goes to our linear, goal oriented, ends over means paradigm, if there is only means and any end is little more than a horizon line.

As for God, logically a spiritual absolute would be the essence of sentience, from which we rise, not an ideal of wisdom and judgement, from which we fell. The fact we are aware, than the details of which we are aware. Conflating the ideal, which is aspirational, with the absolute, which is elemental, creates the assumption our ideals are universal, rather than unique. Live and let live is difficult, if the Other is an affront to one's own True God. The top down father figure lawgiver was politically useful for getting people to shut up and listen to the boss. Divine right of kings.

As for money, it's a contract between the individual and community, not a commodity to mine from the community. It can't be both medium of exchange and store of value. Blood is a medium, fat is a store. Roads are a medium, parking lots are a store. The hallway is a medium, the hall closet is a store! The average five year old gets it and eventually so will the economists.

Its functionality is in its fungibility. We own it like we own the section of road we are using, or the air and water flowing through our bodies. It's a public utility. Our picture isn't on it, we don't hold the copyrights and are not individually responsible for maintaining its value.

People who love money and hate government are like the fish that loves the worm, but hates the hook.

As a contract, the asset is backed by a debt, so this religion of accummulating money is necessarily based on an economy of debt. There simply isn't the investment potential to save what we feel necessary, but we do save for many of the same reasons, so the concept of the commons will have to be resurrected eventually. Which isn't socialism, as society needs both public and private property, like a house has family and personal spaces. The trick is figuring out what works best.

I could go on, but these are few of the realities we are going to have to deal with, beyond the current tantrums and messes.




Having an affair with life. It's complicated.

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John Brodix Merryman Jr.

John Brodix Merryman Jr.

Having an affair with life. It's complicated.

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