At what point did the train exit the tracks, in the first place?

For example, Big Bang Theory cannot be falsified, as whenever there is a gap between prediction and observation, some enormous, otherwise invisible force of nature is assumed and all is well. Sort of like epicycles could always be added.

Are three dimensions really foundational to space, or just a mapping device, the xyz coordinate system, like longitude, latitude and altitude?

Is time really a dimension, or just a measurement of action, aka, frequency? Couldn't we propose volumetemperaturepressure as the basis of ideal gas laws?

You do agree that math is map, not territory, but much of modern physics assumes the opposite. I realize it is professionally unwise to think too far outside the Overton window of academic groupthink, but as this article makes clear, that window is being pushed in some conceptually unsavory directions in the first place.

When will there be an occasion where all theories can be subject to review? Wouldn't the current pandemic and the expanding role of virtual tele-conferencing open up an opportunity to really go full skeptic and put everything on the table, even the most sacred of cows?

FQXI has a semi-annual contest, which has had some very intriguing entries over the years, from people inside and outside acdemia, with quite extensive professional experience in applied fields of physics. That might be an interesting place to start, to come up with some outsider's views to invite.

One of my particular favorites;

One of my more eye-opening reads is this interview with Carver Mead, from about 20 years ago;

As the old saying goes, change happens one funeral at a time.

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