The objective point I keep making about truth is we ignore its subjective validity. We want it idealized, not just a particular node in the network of its context. Like it should be a signal to distill from the noise and pulled out of context. God as idealization, like money, or math.

Which obviously is an opportunity to relate the ideal to the absolute, since for the absolute, the concept of truth loses all meaning, as it would be a state lacking contrast, thus any concept of true/false.

Wouldn’t a “peak state” be equally subjective, to the non-peak state, thus equally hallucinatory? I’m being somewhat difficult with this, as I’m trying out an idea;

Simply that the form we are manifesting is balanced with the desire/energy we are putting into it. As opposed to too much desire relative to context and thus bored, or insufficiently motivated, thus feeling inadequate.

It seems to me the less elevated states offer possible lessons, in learning to tune ourselves to our reality. Then if we don’t like that reality, using whatever harmony we find in it to steer it in a better direction……..

If that’s not possible, then putting enough distance to where it becomes more objective. Light, more so than heat.

Thoughts continuing….

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