You got the cash?

The Reality Check Arrives on Angel’s Wings

John Brodix Merryman Jr.
3 min readNov 11, 2022

Will we understand?

The mid term elections broke about as evenly between the two parties as is possible. This undercuts the crazies on both extremes.

While the loudest are the ones with the most simplistic views, the fact is life and society exists in the tension between tradition and renewal, youth and age, liberal and conservative. We have a lot of problems that will not be solved with simple beliefs.

At the same time, the second leading cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, imploded. While some will point the finger at decentralized finance as inherently unreliable, the issue goes to the heart of all currencies and how we treat them.

As a medium of exchange, money is a social contract and accounting device. Think of a road as a medium. It serves to connect and balance all the various aspects of the economy, providing a network to connect the whole system.

Your circulation system and the blood flowing through it serves a similar function.

Yet as these linear, goal seeking creatures, we tend to think of money as the signal in the noise, to save and store. Though a store is a different function than a medium. In your body, fat is the store and you don’t want it confused with blood.