John Brodix Merryman Jr.
1 min readOct 30, 2022


To culture, good and bad are the cosmic conflict between he forces of righteousness and evil, while in nature, it's the basic biological binary of beneficial and detrimental. The 1/0 of sentience.

That is because it's the function of culture to organize society into the larger social body.

Consider that democracy and republicanism originated in pantheistic cultures. The family as godhead.

To the Ancients, monotheism equated with monoculture. One people, one rule, one god.

The Romans co-opted a monotheistic sect to be state religion around the time the Empire was solidifying out of the ashes of the Republic. Basically the Big Guy Rules.

Islam comes from the other direction, seeing the power of the common creed, then building a political order around it.

Logically a spiritual absolute would be the essence of sentience, from which we rise, not an ideal of wisdom and judgement, from which we fell. The light shining through the film, than what the images on it presume to do.

The problem of founding a culture on the principle of the ideal as absolute, is there really are multitudes of ideals, so any point of focus has to assert its universality over all others, rather than accept it has a role to play in the larger picture.

So when the mental distillation of the thought process eventually reduced all value and resulting purpose down to the bottom line, no other god has proven as powerful as Mammon.

Now it is reaching the point of absurdity. Reductio ad absurdum.



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