Trump might be the most over the top ahole in the world, but he's up front about it. Biden comes across as one of those people lurking in the shadows who make you feel uneasy. Looking at how his kid turned out...

Personally I'm going to write in Assange/Manning. They had the guts to look the Beast in the eye and not blink. Just because the mob is nailing you to a cross doesn't mean you've lost. The battle for the integrity of this society is only just beginning.

Respect and responsibility hold society together. Fear and greed tear it apart.

All the stuff coming out about Biden isn't going away, just because it is swept under the rug. One side of the miltary industrial complex is corruption, the pigs at the trough, but the other side is national security and these two sides are going to be in serious conflict over what is being ignored for partisan reasons.

When the fight goes to the level of greed versus fear, aka, the bankers versus the generals, it is going to get very messy.

When the Bolsheviks got tired of their fellow travelers, because they didn't understand the primal forces at work and thought it was all about some workers paradise, they lined them up and shot them. Those who think they can cancel history seemed destined to repeat it.

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